Ok ladies admit it, when you start your day its usually in a hurry. You're more worried about getting to work on time wearing the same shoes than you are about what your family is going to eat in 8 hours. When it comes to cleaning the house, you're pretty much on your own and good luck getting all those cutsie Pinterest things done this weekend too. The toilet needs cleaning more than a huge yarn ball wreath needs to be made. *Rolls Eyes* Wrap each individual ball of styrofome in a different color yarn then hot glue it onto a circular wreath you made from twigs you found outside with the help of your pet blue bird who sang you a beautiful song the whole time while your always laughing and smiling 2 year old child takes care of herself. Give me a break.

This is a website for those women who barely have time to curl their hair, let alone create a 4 course meal or make toilet paper roll wall hangers.

Crock Pot Recipes... CHECK!

Easy under an hour recipes... CHECK!

DIY Crafts and cleaning tips that won't take up your day or break the bank... DOUBLE CHECK!

My name is Meagan. I'm a youngin' just starting a family and loving it! I work 10 hours a day (8-6pm) so when I come home from work, I'm usually ready for a glass of wine and a good book in some P.J's. Life doesn't always go that way though. *Sigh*  People need to be fed, laundry needs to be done and I guess I need to take a shower and put clothes on most days. I needed a way to organize my life, so here it is! This my personal cookbook, my cleaning log and my easy as pie crafts!

Not putting down those wonderful stay at home moms! Keep D.I.Y.ing, making those amazing meals everyday, and spending time with your kiddos! I wish I could do that, but I need a full time job to support my kick butt shopping addiction.